GU Design Team / Ragnhild Nordhagen / Flokk Design Team / Pernille Jensen Stoltze

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The trio Setesdal, Sirdal and Suldal was created in 2014 with a wish to reintroduce Norweginan wool in upholstery fabric.
Inspired by Norwegian nature, hand knitting and traditional fences (skigard), the fabric is meant to evoke authenticity paired with chic and modern Comfort.
This fabric is uniquely short-travvelled in every part of the process - 100% pure Norwegian wool manufactured in Norway.


Designer GU Design Team / Ragnhild Norhagen / Flokk AS Design Team / Pernille Jensen Stoltze
Customs code NO 51.11.1900
Material 100% Virgin Norwegian Wool
Weight (g/m) 800
Width (cm) 133
Durability (rubs on Martindale) 57000
Fastness to light (Scale 1-8) 5-7
Resistance to rubbing dry state (Scale 1-5) 4
Resistance to rubbing wet state (Scale 1-5) 3-4
Flame Resistance
FTP Code: Part 8 (IMO)
EN ISO 1021: Part 1+2
Cleaning Dry cleaning (P)
Wheel Mark Yes