Heddal Stitched

GU Design Team / Ragnhild Nordhagen. Colours in colaboration with Christiane Müller

Download product sheet Product code 5215

The story of Heddal Stitched is one of age-old textile traditions woven together With modern expression and Technology.

The design explores the tactile attributes that make hand-woven fabrics attractive and integrates them into a textile that meets the demands of the upholstery industry. We have challenged the idea of industrial weaving to produce a hand-crafted look that has the voluminous elasticity of a knit and the stitched look of a tailored garment.

Heddal Stitched is another GU Product designed to be both beautiful, through its handwoven look, and functional through its outstanding durability. 


Designer GU Design Team / Ragnhild Nordhagen. Colours by Ragnhild Nordhagen and Christiane Müller
Customs code NO 51.12.1900
Material 90% ren norsk ulll, 10% PA
Weight 900 g/m
Width 140 cm
Abrasion resistance 110.000 rubs on Martindale
Fastness to light 5-7 (scale 1-8)
Resistance to rubbing dry state 4 (scale 1-5)
Resistance to rubbing wet state 3-4 (scale 1-5)
Flame Resistance FTP Code: Part 8 (IMO A552 (16))
EN ISO 1021: Part 1 & 2
Cal. TB117,2013
Cleaning Dry cleaning