Custom made products

Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS has a long experience with products developed for the specific request of customers. Based on requirements, GU can tailor solutions.

We take pride in developing customized products and solutions that create new opportunities for our customers, and we invest in the continuous improvement of our modern machine park. For many years we have collaborated with both internal and external designers with extensive experience and knowledge. The parameters can include different designs, colour, volume and elasticity – with fabric that can be flame retardant, durable and more. Having the entire process under one roof supports our ability to always guarantee delivery and flexibility to our customers. Since we also have the entire process under one roof, underpins this our ability to be highly flexible to our customers. Our production moves quick and smooth, which gives our customers great freedom.

The process step by step

First we map the needs of the customer, where expectations for appearance and technical characteristics are determined. The customer presents their project, ideas, product requirements, and expectations. Then an agreement for a schedule and cost is developed.

In the next step we analyze which processes the product must go through on the basis of the requirements. Some projects include more operations than others.

The process continues on both an aesthetic and technical level, with the development of design, colour and construction. At this stage we can provide renderings that can show how the fabric will look like in the weave.

In the post-treatment we also cover treatments that increase the abilities of pilling, flame retardancy and more.

Finally, the product is tested to the requirements specified.