Oslo Design Fair / Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik + MENT / Autumn 2016

We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight that we are a Norwegian based producer, deeply rooted in the great valley of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway's most iconic valley. We invited porcelain makers MENT to share our stand.

MENT has designed, developed and produced beautiful, award winning products in what was once Norway’s oldest ski factory in Fåberg, a small village close to Olympic City and GU hometown Lillehammer.

MENT and GU designed the stand together. Seven meter tall fabrics hangings and walls draped in Jostedal Moss 930, Gandal + 930 and Hemsedal 930 made a soft backdrop and contrast to the hard materials in MENT’s porcelain.

Unfinished cloth of national costume fabrik set with raw porcelain from Ment.

Scandinavian design "Made in Norway".


Photo: GU

Pipes dressed in textiles emphasizes the structure of each fabric.

"MENT to be"

The soft textiles from GU and the hard porcelein from MENT accentuates each other.


Photo: GU

The trend exhibit at Oslo Design Fair this year was curated by stylists Kråkvik D’Oazio, Kirsten Visdal and Silje Aune Eriksen.

Walls were painted in colors from Jotun’s color card 2017 with matching curtains made of upholstery fabrics Jostedal and Vadal Uni from GU. The combination of sophisticated surfaces, drapings and colors created a beautiful frame for the design objects displayed - and predicted that we are moving into a period with bolder color and material use.

Curtain made of Jostedal Copper Brown 480 at the Oslo Design Fair 2016 trend exhibition.

Photo: GU

Curtain made of Vadal Uni 311 at the Oslo Design Fair 2016 Trend Exhibit

Foto: GU

we are moving into a period with bolder color and material use