Everything is Connected - Milan Design Week 2017

GU is a proud sponsor when Norway returns to Ventura Lambrate to present a fresh and far-reaching insight into the country’s culture of craft and design.

In 2016, Structures became one of the most celebrated exhibitions during the Milan Design Week. This year Norwegian designers’ union Klubben, DOGA Design and Architecture Norway, Norwegian Crafts and Jotun have joined forces again to celebrate product, process and production of Norwegian design and craftsmanship, as well as every stage in the journey from maker to market.

Everything is Connected seeks to present design and craft in the context of their creation, considering each piece’s place within Norway’s infrastructure of production facilities, workshops, materials access and innovation, personal networks, logistics and educational programmes.

With a history of 130 years GU has been present throughout the rise of Norwegian and Scandinavian Design. Together with new paint colours from Jotun and natural stones from Lundhs, fabrics from GU creates the backdrop when 30 of the biggest contemporary talents in Norwegian design and craft are gathered to tell the story of the country’s creative scene today.

Everything is Connected is curated by Katrin Greiling, the award-winning designer, interior architect and photographer behind Berlin-based Studio Greiling; “With the exhibition I want to explore why the Nordic countries have a unique position in the design. The 24 selected projects represent some of the leading contributors to contemporary craft and design and together they reflect the breadth and diversity of the country´s creative field”, says Katrin Greiling.

Andrea Muribø | Andreas Bergsaker | Anette Krogstad | Ann Kristin Einarsen | Barmen & Brekke | Bjørn Van Den Berg | Gilles & Cecilie Studio | Falke Svatun | Hallgeir Homstvedt og Runa Klock | Jenkins & Uhnger | Jonas Stokke | Kaja Dahl | Kari Mølstad | Kiyoshi Yamamoto | Live Berg Olsen | Marianne Andersen | Martin Høgh Olsen | Martin Solem | Moa Håkansson | Noidoi | Sara Polmar | Silje Nesdal | Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang | Vera & Kyte www.d2.no

GU challenged designers Runa Klock and Hallgeir Holmstvedt to find beauty and purpose in what would otherwise be discarded as waste.

This resulted in Uld, a collection of cushions and other textile products made by rejected materials and offcuts from fabric production.

Uld is among the products included in Everything is Connected.

All photos: Lasse Fløde - Pudder

Styling: Kråkvik & D'Orazio

A designer or craftsperson, after all, is not an island, separate from their society, but a part of a broader cultural narrative in which everything is connected.

Alessandre D’Orazio