Join us on the tour in the factory and see how the fabrics are made

Washed wool

The wool is washed when it arrives from Norway and New Zealand. It will be processed into finished upholstery and costume fabrics.


Fiber, yarn and woven pieces are dyed. The wool is mixed and spinning oils are added as a a preparation for yarn production.


Fiberblend is carded into pre-yarn that can be spun into yarn.


The yarn must be stored in crates of wood.


After spinning and winding the yarn gets twisted in order to get thicker, stronger and more powerful nets.


Before weaving the warp is controlled for weaknesses and adjusted.


There are two thread systems in the fabric; one across, the weft – and one lengthwise, the warp.


The fabric is checked three times after the weaving. Each meter that is woven is controlled, before any errors are corrected with needle, thread and tweezers.

Final inspection

The textiles are dyed and treated in order to get the right look and the right technical features.

Warehousing and dispatching

Finally the fabrics are controlled, rolled up and made ready to be sent out to customers.