Hallingdal - a star among upholstery fabrics

At Norwegian interior and design magazine Bo Bedre's annual celebration of Norwegian design in August, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS was the proud receiver of the "Manufacturer of the Year" award.

Several icons belong to her name, among them The Egg Chair, Trinidad Chair and Triss, the children's furniture. What nevertheless remains as her perhaps greatest success is the furniture fabric Hallingdal. The design was a collaboration between Nanna Ditzel, Halling-Koch Design Center and Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS in 1964-1965. Kvadrat, which is the distributor of Hallingdal outside of Norway, describes in their publication, Hallingdal 65, how their hunt for the right producer went through Europe in a two-seater MG sports car.

The choice fell on Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS because the factory with all processes in their own houses had a unique opportunity to ensure quality at all levels. Hallingdal has been in continuous production in the Lillehammer factory ever since its launch. Nearly 5.5 million meters have gone through the factory's loading platform and on to small and large projects run by architects, designers and the quality conscious worldwide. With this much material you could make a bridge of Hallingdal across the Atlantic, from London to New York!

Hallingdal is made of 70% wool and 30% viscose, a very advantageous combination where the unique properties and wear resistance of wool is preserved, while the viscose adds depth and brilliance of colour. The quality is fiber dyed, which enhances the rich texture of Hallingdal.

The upholstery fabric was awarded the Danish Design Center's Classic Award, in October 2001. The scope of Hallingdal is wide, used both in private interiors and in the public sector, where there are high requirements for resistance.

In 2012 Hallingdal appears in a new look of 22 new colours. 18 of these are original colours from the first Hallingdal collection in 1965. In addition, 36 colours from the previous Hallingdal collection is brought forward. Together, these collections make Hallingdal 65, which has brought a classic to new heights almost half a century after the very first launch.

"Hallingdal will remain perfect the next twenty years, even when everything else has faded. It is a product of craftsmanship, design and engineering made to last decades."
Anders Byriel, Kvadrat CEO