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Regular cleaning and stain removal

Stains are easiest to remove when they are fresh. Most types of impurities are water-based and can easily be removed with clean, lukewarm water – if done immediately.
Wool has good, natural water repellent properties which result in good cleaning properties when clean and untreated.
We recommend regular maintenance and cleaning of our fabrics. This involves quick removal of stains with clean water, regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning.
Most types of fluorocarbons are not used anymore for environmental reasons. However, there are some exceptions for fluorocarbons that, according to the current regulations, can still be used, although the boundaries for these are still being tightened. It is likely that more types of fluorcarbons will be banned in the future for environmental reasons.
We do not recommend nanotechnology based impregnation as this is new and partly unknown technology that could be harmful to the environment around us.
If stains and impurities are not removed when fresh, soil release impregnation may cause stains to not be removed later because they can be "baked" between a film of impregnation and fiber.
Therefore, we do not recommend using soil release impregnation for normal use in private or public environments, either with fluorocarbons or nanotechnologies. It is harmful to the environment and in normal use is not required.
Any use of impregnation agents will not replace regular maintenance and cleaning of wool-based fabrics, but will be considered as an addition to a maintenance program for furniture fabrics outside what is considered normal use in private or public environments.
We therefore provide no warranties for the stated technical properties of our fabrics if chemicals that we do not recommend are applied after they are delivered from us.
We believe that the environment is important and we make a great efforts to produce environmentally friendly products based on natural, renewable resources and environmentally friendly methods and materials. Therefore, we encourage our customers not to use chemicals if it is not absolutely necessary beyond the detergents recommended for use on wool.