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Detergents and special machines

Detergents used for either foam cleansing or cleaning machines should have a neutral to slightly sour pH: 6-7. A high pH degrades the wool and can in some cases dissolve the wool completely.
Do not use a higher amount of detergents than necessary. You may want to test the detergent on an inconspicuous spot on the fabric, before treating the entire furniture. Carpet cleaning machines are intended for thorough maintenance of carpets and furnitures and can be rented at carpet cleaners, retail outlets and the like. Make sure you use the mouthpiece inteded for the respective furniture. Watch out for the amount of moisture you use – do not use so much that the stop gets wet. Always do a final treatment with clean, lukewarm water. Remnants of the cleaning products may increase the risk of fire and can cause the furniture to tarnish.