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Photo: Mokasser

New: Prinsdal

Prinsdal is an exclusive and innovative upholstery fabric with super stretch, made with a clear structure and depth. The choice of material, wool and mohair, makes it all the more exclusive. It is beautiful, shiny and appealing. The innovation lies in the fabric's unique elastic properties. 

The super stretch allows the fabric to be stretched over furniture so that forms can really be emphasized. It blends nicely around double curved surfaces and gets tight, fine and fully formed. This opens up new possibilities in furniture design. The super stretch means that seams can be avoided or placed so that they are not visible. Meaning that the cost of seams can be greatly reduced and material consumption can be reduced by up to 10% compared to conventional upholstery fabrics.

We have received very positive feedback on this new and innovative product. The fabric was developed in collaboration with furniture manufacturer Mokasser. The new furniture fabric has been released on their new furniture series Prins. It is now available for everyone in the market. It is produced as a special product and is available in whole rolls of approximately 50 meters. Prinsdal is presented in ten colours and can also be developed in other colours for those who wish.