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Photo: Marie Dreyer

GU launches new Hospitality Collection

Since 1989 Anemone Wille Våge, along with her talented team at Wille Interiør, has put her unique mark on a long list of hotels, restaurants and private residents across the world. She has designed a variety of interiors including cottages, yachts, cruise ships and private jets, as well as royal and private Estates in France, England, USA and Spain. Her home turf, Scandinavia, is aslo well covered. Anemone's Experience also extends to hotels, not at least Hotel Post in Gothenburg and the Thief in Oslo, which was also the venue for the launch of the new collection June 5th.

"Anemone Wille Våge for GU" combines ANemone's sense for ambient interiors and rich details with GU's uncompromising standard when it comes to design and quality. The collection consists of textiles Anemone finds essential to create interesting interiors. Presenting luxurious chenilles, classic stripes, the Slinky leopard jaquard and sumtuous wool structures in an inspiering collection based on Anemone's philosophy for equipping hotels and restaurants: They should be different from a home, but at the same time be warmly welcoming and friendly. Interiors should stimulate the senses with a dash drama, dept and exitement - where details are revealed, little by little.

GU has, similarly to Anemone Wille Våge, long experience with the international hotel- and cruise market. Leaning on a 130 year old tradition of making outstanding textiles, GU's fabrics in wool are certified to cope with the stictest demands for the contract market. 

It was a proud team from Wille Interior and GU which presented the brand new collection in Oslo June 5th.  We believe that the richness in colour and structures bears witness to the resentless work to design and produce world class textiles.


More pictures from the launch (Photo: Marie Dreyer):